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The Valley’s Top Board Certified UROLOGIST

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We offer the full spectrum of care for conditions involving the urinary tract. This includes diseases that affect the kidneys, bladder, adrenals, prostate and both male and female genitals. We manage everything from a simple urinary tract infection to a routine vasectomy to the most complex cancers cases. Explore Dr. Kayes Natural Restoration Centers of America . We harness the bodies natural ability to restore. *click here to learn more *

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Prostate Problems?
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Difficulty controlling Urination?
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“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kaye’s for several years and he has helped me with voiding difficulties that I’ve had and I’ve done very well with. One day after looking at some of the literature in his office, I asked him about stem cell treatments. I have had diabetes for the past 15 years, and had to go on insulin after my oral medications became less effective. I also had started to experience complications from my diabetes, such as neuropathy and erectile dysfunction. Dr. Kaye offered me a comprehensive approach to help address all of these issues. I am so thankful—I now only need half of the medication that I once needed to help control my sugar and have noticed significant improvement in areas of my skin that had problems with poor healing.”

– Michael B.

Do You Have Prostate Issues?

The proven, minimally invasive treatment that fills the gap between prescription medications and more invasive surgical procedures.


Are Stem Cells Right For You?

Stem Cell therapies utilize the natural potential of stem cells to restore, create or repair damaged tissue within your body. Several sources of stem cells can be used and individually tailored to the underlying disease treated.

Do you have difficulty controlling urination?

Axonics Therapy is a clinically proven solution for treating symptoms of overactive bladder (including urinary urgency incontinence), bowel (fecal) incontinence and urinary retention1.